Hello there!

Iā€˜m Lisa Neureiter, an Austrian graphic designer. Currently I am working as a graphic designer at Hartinger Consulting, an advertising agency close to Graz. At the same time I am studying Marketing & Sales to broaden my knowledge about customer satisfaction, how businesses can gain competitve advantage and the use of technology for this aim.

Before studying Marketing & Sales I studied Information Design and spent one semester abroad in Guadalajara (MX), which was one of the most remarkable experiences in my life. Later on I spent 3 months in Liverpool (UK) for a design internship at Smiling Wolf. There I could not only develop my design skills but also gain further international experiences.    

I enjoy branding as well as combining analog and digital techniques. For me it is important to look at the big picture, this means that I do not only care about creating design which is visually pleasing and achieves good usability, but also  about creating design that takes into account the situation on the market and is tailored to succeed on the long term. My goal is to be able to create and support brands to stick out between the mass. Besides working on exciting projects I like letterpress printing, travelling, languages, good food, and facing new challenges. 

If you are interested in my work or any kind of collaboration or if you just want to contact me, drop me a line. I am looking forward to hearing from you! contact@lisaneureiter.com


Bells & Whistels by Sandu Publishing
Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer by Neil Leonard

"A picture My Instagram
says more than 1000 words."

So instead of telling you more about me, just have a look at my Instagram. There you will get to know about side projects and what I am passionate about. This way you can get a better impression about me and my way of seeing the world. 

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