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About me

My name is Lisa Neureiter and I am an Austrian Designer, based in Graz. One year after graduating from the information design bachelor, I started studying marketing & sales while working part-time as a designer in an advertising agency. 

I am passionate about projects, where I can come up with creative solutions that deliver an interesting message, are empathetic and appeal to the target group. I am a huge fan of generating ideas together with others and about thinking out of the box. 

01 / I have a twin sister.
02 / Side project: I just started a social experiment where I ask strangers on the street a random question. #canIaskYouSomething
03 / When I was a child, I had goats as pets.

If you want to know more about me or my work or are interested in any kind of collaboration, drop me a line. If you just want to say, hi, that's also fine. I am looking forward to hearing from you!



09.2016 - 07.2019
Marketing & Sales,
Campus02, Graz, AT

01.2013 - 06.2013
Exchange Semester
Universidad Jesuita Guadalajara, MX

10.2012 - 10.2015 
Information Design, 
FH Joanneum, Graz, AT


Professional Experience:

01.2019 - now
Graphic Designer,
Hartinger Consulting, Kaindorf, AT

09.2018 - 12.2018
Graphic & Web Designer,
Marketing Intern,
Okisam, Valencia, ES

08.2016 - 06.2018
Graphic Designer, 
Hartinger Consulting, Kaindorf, AT

01.2016 - 04.2016 
Graphic Design Internship,
VonK, Graz, AT

03-2015 - 05.2015
Graphic Design Internship,
Smiling Wolf, Liverpool, UK



Bells & Whistels by Sandu Publishing

Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer by Neil Leonard

"A picture My Instagram
says more than 1000 words."

So instead of telling you more about me, just have a look at my Instagram. This way you can get a better impression about me and my way of seeing the world. 

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